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CHINA UNITED CENTURY ENTERPRISES LTD. located in Guangzhou. She is one of the earliest companies which obtained the PRIVATE ENTERPRISES IMPORT & EXPORT QUALIFICATION from the Chinese government and was chosen as an ADVANCED ENTERPRISES by the government in 2002.

Now, she has more than 20 professional international trade practitioners. As the link between factories and clients, she takes the responsibility to recommend high quality products to people all over the world. Since 2000, she enters Canton Fair every year and gets good fame. Maybe she's not the best now, but she will be the best step by step under your great support.


CHINA UNITED INTERNATIONAL INC.GUANGZHOU was founded in July 2016 with the registered capital of 10 million yuan, specializing in international export trade affair. Our main commodities have agricultural and horticultural products, daily necessities and Chinese foodstuff, which are exported to European, American and Asian countries and areas. Our leading bamboo products have its own factory, which is located in “the hometown of bamboo” of Huaiji County Zhaoqing City, manufacturing series of gardening products including bamboo canes, flower sticks, bamboo ladders as well as bamboo fence. Daily necessities mainly focus on spunlace non-woven fabrics and personal care products covering spunlace wipes, rolled towels, compressed towels, facial masks, cleaning massage pads as well as multifunctional wet wipes. Chinese foodstuff, as another pillar industry of our company, is mainly engaged in rice flour food, seasonings, soup bases, appetizer, cans and other foodstuff.



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ZHONGWANG BAMBOO SUPPLY FACTORY mainly processes manufactures accessories of bamboo artifacts and gardening materials. Having an immense manufactory and processing base of approximately 40,000 square meters , we are one of the largest suppliers in China for bamboo products in the field of agriculture and decoration usages, enjoying a world-renowned reputation across the globe. The products are well sold to Europe, U.S.A., Australia, Japan and so forth.


SHILIYA BEAUTY COSMETIC CO.,LTD. In order to satisfy our customers' ever-enlarging needs, in 2002, we set up SHILIYA BEAUTY COSMETIC CO. LTD. in Conghua Economic and Technological Development Zone. Running merely for one year, SHILIYA BEAUTY COSMETIC CO. LTD. won several beauty product giants'trust with it's high quality product and good services, and reached “partnership” agreements with most of them. In fact, we put in nearly RMB20 million to build the brand new GMP production workshops, in which the cleanliness level of the in-depth processing workshops covering an area of over 2000 square meters lives up to Grade 100000, and the cleanliness level of the bottling workshop lives up to Grade 10000, with overall control exercised over the production processes, meeting the dust free decontamination production standards.

Address: No.14 Fengying Road, Taiping Economic Development Zone, Conghua, Guangdong Province

Website: www.slygz.com


WENJIE NON-WOVEN SPUNLACE FACTORY specializes in advanced equipment and technology. Advanced manufacturing techniques of Germany, France and Taiwan has also been applied into our production, which, therefore, results in its production capacity of as large as 1,000 tons per year. The GSM (gram per square meter) can be selected within the range of 30-120 grams and the width can be selected within 150cm. The year 2002 witnessed an export sales surpassing two million US dollars while an average growth rate was over 10% in the past few years.


GUANGZHOU YIGAO COMMODITY CO.,LTD. is a subsidiary company of China United International group, which is focusing on nonwoven deep processing. It has been using a new 4000 square meter workshop  in 2008. It contraposes on deep processing of spunlace, spunbond, needle punch and chemical bond etc, main products such as cosmetic products (facial mask), ultrasonic complex hand mask, and agricultural nonwoven.