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Bamboo Fiber Into A Fashionable Home Decoration Elements In Europe

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Recently, the EU invited Lai Rong Cheng wallpaper veteran Italian designer fabric MR.PaoloSavio, as well as “contemporary design” editor in chief, Mr. Huang Xiaodan Taiwan’s well-known designers such as industry experts, and local elite designers copolymer “Creative-cum-2010 international soft cloth loaded design trends summit, “the first time for consumers, the tide brought home from Europe, home soft line installed in 2010 on the design of fabric trends and fashion elements.

European Pop “bamboo fiber”

Italian veteran designer MR.PaoloSavio fabric, said textile fabric in 2010, first from the fabric will be the arts, science and technology wonderful combination of the three, reflecting a trend from textiles to Europe and the United States as the absolute center of gravity, gradually varied of the extended mode of development.

At present, Europe has gradually become the mainstream fabric cloth, and is a kind of post-processed bamboo bamboo fiber extracted from a special mix of cotton, linen and other fabrics manufactured into a special fabric, soft rich colors. This bamboo screens used in the design and production and to be able both to protect the environment, but also for the consumer market brought about a new feeling different.

In the perception design, with a very stylish metallic design, the bamboo fiber by dyeing technology out of the deal, such as gold, silver stripes lines, arranged in rows and then weaving through the machine, the fabric texture is very soft, delicate moist sheen reflecting the general texture, such as silk. In the suspension the way, and now there have been a more visual design of the cross-linked sites.

Material popular mashup

It is reported that in Europe the latest home fabric treatment processes, there is a special process through the production of metal wire, after treatment by adding fabric, the fabric can be made in ensuring that any shape at the same time, the same with the same cloth The delicate touch. The material mix and match, but also become very popular in this trend, while splicing the wind still popular, cotton, linen, lace, silk and other materials of mix and match, so that one’s just a normal cloth, with a bump of visual effects and hand . More brocade, silk fabrics and jacquard design will become the mainstream of surreal ornate decoration, which greatly enriched and meet consumer demand for different forms of domestic demand for soft-mounted fabric and hope.

In addition, in the current release of the international home of future trends in the fabric is mainly embodied in the traditional elements of the re-design, pay attention to mood, to water, rock carvings, wood carvings, lotus, blue and white porcelain and other drawings to show the “new China wind”; with the new materials , environmental protection materials, a sense of the performance of science and technology, highlighting functionality, with paper-cuts, paper pattern, relief, cascading wrinkling, geometric drawings, Using light or metal color display crisp brilliance of the “science and technology wind”; include the use of animation, comedy, graffiti, Pixel such drawings to show the free and bold design of the modern and playful element; and soft, warm, using natural fabrics printing, yarn-dyed, flocking, lace, embroidery and other techniques, bringing comfort, relaxing experience, and a fresh exotic, have become the most anticipated spring and summer of 2010 soft-loaded elements at home.

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