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Pinnacle Promotions Recommends Non Woven Bags for Back to School

Click: Time:2010-08-26 00:00:00

ATLANTA- July 28, 2010- With students across the country heading back to school over the next few weeks, Pinnacle Promotions recommends that organizations in the education industry distribute non woven bags to teachers and students alike. Reusable bags have a number of valuable uses, from carrying lesson plans and new student welcome information to eliminating the hassle of school supply  shopping.

One major advantage of distributing non woven bags is that these items are safe for students of all ages. The polypropylene material repels water, which in turn eliminates unwanted germs and odor. In addition, the plastic coating makes these bags easy to wipe clean and many are even machine washable so recipients can carry them anywhere without worrying about dirt or bacteria. 

Recipients who plan to use their non woven bags (www.pinnaclepromotions.com/category/polypropylene-non-woven-bags ..) to carry heavy books will appreciate higher density polypropylene material, which makes them more durable when compared to other bags. Manufacturers measure density in grams per square meter, so purchasers should look for items with higher GSM numbers. 

The high densities also mean that recipients can use their non woven bags for years to come without worrying about weather damage or breakage. As a result, non woven bags provide long-lasting brand exposure to both the intended recipients and everyone with whom they come into contact while carrying their bags. An added benefit of non woven bags is that they meet the guidelines for Eco-friendly products; they are reusable, recyclable and made from processes that do not harm the environment.

“Unlike some production techniques, manufacturing non woven bags does not result in large quantities of carbon emissions,” said Sarah Fell, Marketing Coordinator. “Furthermore, when teachers and parents use Eco-friendly products like non woven bags, they educate students about greenhouse gases and the importance of following an environmentally responsible lifestyle.”

Citing industry studies, the marketing experts at Pinnacle suggest that consumers prefer to patron environmentally friendly organizations and educational institutions are no exception. Providing teachers and students with brightly colored, functional non woven bags is a great way to increase brand awareness and goodwill while having a positive impact on the world. 

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